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When you buy an RV from a reseller, you can save thousands of dollars because the previous owner has already paid full retail price and has absorbed the development and marketing costs from the dealer. These savings get passed to you

Upgrade the way your family travels with a wide choice of famous destinations. Find a huge selection of top brands, and get all the information you need to make the right decision. An RV will save your family thousands of dollars when you travel.

ProRV can save you thousands of dollars on all of your and family travel needs. Explore the versatility that your family can experience with recreational ownership. Whatever your travel needs, you don't have to pay the high retail costs for an RV. One of our experienced staff members will help walk you through the entire buying process.  As a buyer on the resale market, you are purchasing directly from the current owner. ProRV can also refer you to our business partners for title and legal documents along with financing if needed. You payNO Appraisal Fees, NO Commissions, and NO Broker Fees.

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